verses in various meters about sundry themes.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


There’s a place for you
in a wax museum
reserved right next
to a North Korean
with a trumpet in your hand
and singing a song
with a red star band
led by Kim il Jong,
reserved for you
by Vlad the Impaler.
He’s smoking your cigar
by his tornado trailer.
There are a few
who call evil good,
who kiss the mud
wherever you stood,
But Lenin’s tomb
is full of rot,
and you’re a monster
just like Pol Pot.

Of course, this little thing (like those below, to the meter of “Six More Miles…”) is about Fidel Castro.


When the red light
turns to green
wake yourself up
from your dream

When the light is green
keep looking ahead
because that light
will change to red

And stifle your rage
when you’re behind the wheel
when you’re in control
of two tons of steel

Sometimes its mud
sometimes fog or ice
If you looked once
you better look twice

Another little thing, to the meter of Hank William’s “Six more Miles…”.