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Monday, September 3, 2007

From Psalm 3 with Emily Dickinson # 141

The daylight’s gone
and somethings' wrong
The crickets start now one by one
They swarm with drum and song.

Old troubles settle with the dew
While visions march as soldiers do
I’m all alone except for you
So linger, do not go.

I did not ask for wine or grain.
Show not your face or give your name.
That you are here lights up this home,
and sleep comes like a train.

Is science wrong?
About the sun?
Two stars stay up, but one is gone.
I’ll dream until the dawn.

My adversary with his crew
with broken teeth all rotting through
Runs in retreat for fear of you
So linger, do not go.

The roof will hold, you will sustain.
You went down and up you came.
Some nights I shiver to the bone
In anger or with shame.

When rain is none I gather dew
And squeeze the earth as oak-trees do.
Your offer stands, your word is true.
The time will come to go.

My ticket’s come
and one by one
My bags are packed and work is done
The time it soon will come.

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