verses in various meters about sundry themes.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


(see below for how this meter works)

She brings bread from a far-off land,
She brings bread from the sky,
Bread from the sky she bears.

I am one of her goats that graze,
under moonlight I wait
for her to come again.

I've one wild turkey in the yard,
One big wild turkey
takes off like a jumbo jet.

In the dog-house a crazy cat
runs out when I approach.
She stops then looks behind.

She saw that I was watching her.
She has no fickle ways.
I've been the restless one.

Look, says she, I'm alone and you
keep your distance from me,
untrusting crocodile.

You surmise that the dreams, they come
from the unconscious place.
You might as well have said
that they come from the Land of Nod.
Dreams come, and who knows why,
then slip away and decay.

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