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Sunday, May 8, 2011

2011 Verses

To some war is chocolate, to some its strong wine
But only when winning, only some of the time
Its no game of cricket, of that I am certain
But I'm glad no longer to see the Iron Curtain


Stuck in a room for five years or more he suffered from boredom
Watching his image and changing the channel to see what he looked like
Then came the choppers, to make him a martyr, he knew they'd be coming
The episode after the killing was done is well hidden from mortals.
Circles continue and violence resumes in Kandahar city.

(about posting these things in facebook status windows and then deleting them in five minutes)

The reason I delete these things is clear
I do not want to crowd computer screens
When folks wake up they'd think I was a hog
But one or two's enough, so I delete
the things composed, they're down the drain.

The house next door's for sale for o'er a year
and crackheads smoke their crack in the garage
or maybe they smoke pot, they've left their pipes
the owner he says live and let them live
No violence yet, no gangstas driving by
Of ordinary men no more expect
than ordinary virtue in life's trials
and if they laugh when monks would rather not
just let it be, for laughter soon will pass.
Homer was a rapper with a flow that exceeded
All the later worser loser wannabe rappers
He could string a thought along without losing rhythm
telling stories without written notepads to steer him
He could rhap for weeks, and rhapsodes strove to repeat him
Homer certainly had no taste for magical mushrooms
Blind as he was, he could not win his glory in warfare
There must have been battles of rhapsodes, Homer's the winner
Winning glory just as great as King Agamemnon

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